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Details - Update 10.90:
The waiting time is over. Winter update 2015 was released. Time for a summary of what appeared in the latest installment Tibia:

You will find new quest in which you will have to fight with ferumbras, the most powerful mage in Tibia. To meet the Lord of Evil, both you and your company will have to go through seven Habitat Passion, dungeons, which was inspired Ruthless Seven. There you will not have to deal only with creatures, waiting there as puzzles and mini-bosses. At the end of each of the rooms you will need to deal with one of the strong supporters of merciless Sevens. You will have the chance to stand eye to eye with ferumbras and minions of evil. 5 players need to be able to fight with the servants, as well as 15 to fight with the champion. Anyone can fight once every 2 days for each of the servants, and meet Ferumbras will be able to meet each every 14 days.

In addition to the new outfit and a new Ferumbras servants they will drop a new loot. Moreover, you can get one item of silver tokens that can be exchanged for special items for each profession, as well as additions to the new outfit. The new mount, which is a rift mount, he could be enthralled with the new object, which can be earned as a rare loot in the new caves.

Another change that brought with it an immediate update skinning and public depot. From now on you you will have access to items located in all cities using one box. You will not have to wait 10 seconds to download skinned or dust from the monster.

With the release of the winter update has been simplified transfer form. Travora swallowed up in the sea. You no longer have to move objects on the island. From now depot and mailbox are transferred automatically, along with your character. Restrictions on transfer of certain items in the amount of one piece, as well as the maximum amount of all items of 1000, have been abolished.

What else? In the largest cities you will find Tibia PvP arenas. Your strength will be able to demonstrate, using two different modes of combat: Last Man Standing and Team Deathmatch.

That's not all. You will find a whole new area to hunt for a completely new creatures, where you will be able to get new items, and solve new quest and perform ... new missions.
Investigate Krailos, where you will find sandstones showing the red luminescence. But watch out for those for whom Krailos a house - the ugly and scary ogres.

That's all! Log into the game and experience all the new stuff!

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