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Details - Update 10.80:
Finally, the end of waiting! Summer 2015 update is here! Unfortunately, due to internal delays the test server began a little later than planned. So long gap between the end and the beginning Uploaded: teasers test required a lot of patience. Before Cipsoft present to you a brief summary of this update, you would like to thank you for your passion and support during teasers and test phase!

And now let's start:
The Adventurers Guild (Guild Travelers) is looking for volunteers to navigate and complete maps of Tibia. Throughout Tibia you can discover many unknown, pristine areas and dungeons. But beware! You may not be able to overcome all the challenges! You must be well prepared if you want to visit the new dungeon with the hero in Thais, or when you want to carry the secrets Grimvale. And that's just two examples.
Due to concerns regarding the announced players run reduce damage created by NPCs, Cipsoft decided to cancel this change. Your input and opinions have made it clear that such a change requires a greater commitment and preparation that will look to the future. At present there are no concrete plans as to take this subject. Anyway, thanks to everyone who took the time to write your opinion on this issue.
What's more, the book with written eight wonders of Tibia has been added to the library on the Isle of Kings (Kings Island). NPC Jorge offers three new replicas in exchange for some silver raid tokens. In addition, teleport demons Shaburak and Askarak like and teleport to Fazzraha be shifted to facilitate access to both these places.

Together with the summer update Cipsoft also released a new currency called the Tibia Coins and interior shop to improve the way in which we can acquire any products, such as premium time, additional services for your character, mounts and costumes. If you want to read more on this topic, we invite you to read this article. Further information on Tibia Coins, Store and Webshopu can also be found in the updated poradnikuwarning.

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